mini models.

  • Mini Clubman.
  • Longer, wider, roomier, the new MINI Clubman

    Longer, wider, roomier, with big conventional side doors and 2 Split Doors in the rear, the new MINI Clubman is more versatile than ever. The distinctive Split Doors do not only serve as a design statement, but offer increased practicality. They are a trademark of the Clubman, which make it the only 6 door car in the segment. When your hands are full, the Easy Opener – as part of the option “comfort access” – allows contactless access by kicking a foot below the rear bumper, in addition to the standard equipped door handle or remote key opening. The new horizontal tail lights, broad shoulders and athletic stance of the rear, incite admiration and underline the sporty character of the new MINI Clubman. To find out more about the new MINI Clubman models, design, colour, trim or other options, visit the online showroom or the online configurator:

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  • mini 3 door.
  • Go-kart handling, iconic design, and a tailgate with tomorrow’s technology

    The new MINI is reinvented to blow your mind all over again. The new MINI Twin Power Turbo engines make the MINI faster and more fuel efficient. With the all-new MINI Driving Modes you can change the car’s driving characteristics, interior lighting and engine sound to match your mood. Faster, safer and with inventive technology, the new MINI is completely different from any other car out there. To find out more about the MINI 3 Door models, design, colour, trim or other options, visit the online showroom or the online configurator:

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  • MINI 5 DOOR.
  • Fit more of your life in your MINI

    Get the go-kart handling, iconic design and hi-tech tools now with more space in the MINI 5 Door. The MINI 5 Door is nothing short of a street legal go-kart. Short overhangs, a low centre of gravity combined with a wide track and rigid chassis make it the most exciting 5-Door car on the street today. The multi-link rear axle suspension and shock absorbers that are decoupled from the body give you the comfort of a saloon car without giving up any of the classic MINI excitement. It’s what we’ve all been waiting for. To find out more about the MINI 5 Door models, design, colour, trim or other options, visit the online showroom or the online configurator:

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  • Larger than life yet unmistakably MINI

    The MINI Countryman defies convention. It’s built to conquer town and country with ample room inside for an active lifestyle. All while showcasing memorizing design features and enhanced driving performance at the same time. Thanks to the 4 doors, spacious seating for up to five people and a length of just over four metres, it redefines comfort and versatility in a new dimension. With up to 1,170 litres of boot space, this individualist can take a relaxed approach to a wide variety of situations. Moving or folding down the rear seats is child's play and makes space for any luggage or extra souvenirs you may pick up en route. To find out more about the MINI Countryman models, design, colour, trim or other options, visit the online showroom or the online configurator:

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    Is a MINI Countryman plug-in hybrid right for me?

    A crucial factor in making the decision is the availability of facilities for charging the vehicle at home. Quite simply from a domestic socket, with your own Wallbox or at another location in your neighbourhood.

    Furthermore, the benefit from the operating costs (electricity vs fuel price) of a plug-in hybrid vehicle can be especially exploited if a large number of journeys can be made in electric mode. If you have charging facilities at your workplace, you could gain even more from this advantage. 


    Are the driving sensations and safety features similar to conventionally powered MINI cars?

    The MINI Countryman plug-in hybrid is designed to very high technical standards, based on the same vehicle architecture as the conventional models. The safety of plug-in hybrid electric vehicles with high-voltage batteries has also been thoroughly tested and fulfills highest safety standards.

    Thanks to the electric motor in the MINI Countryman plug-in hybrid, electric driving and an increase in efficiency are combined. The electric motor delivers its power immediately, even from standstill, making for a dynamic driving experience. And as part of the boost function, this electric motor gives support for the combustion engine during acceleration and in dynamic short bursts. Moreover, the MINI Countryman plug-in hybrid is almost silent and locally emission-free when travelling in electric mode.


    Is it possible to continue driving electrically even if the fuel tank is empty?

    Yes, it is. If the total range with electric motor and combustion engine is 90 km, the driver will be warned by a message in the instrument cluster. Below a total range of 50 km, the driver receives a permanent range warning. If the fuel tank is empty, the remaining electric range can be used to drive to the nearest filling station – provided enough energy is present and the system conditions permit electric driving.


    How far is the electric range?

    Range of up to 42 km in the purely electric mode is possible. The electric range actually achieved depends on many factors. Important influences are the air-conditioning and heating demand, the general load on the on-board power system (e.g. navigation, radio, seat and windscreen heating, climatic conditions in summer and winter) as well as individual driving style.

    When the high-voltage battery is discharged, purely electric driving is no longer possible, but it is still possible to continue driving perfectly normally thanks to the combustion engine. An intelligent energy management system means no damage can occur to the high-voltage battery at any time even it is displayed as completely “empty”.


    How long does the high-voltage battery last in my MINI Countryman plug-in hybrid?

    The high voltage batteries used in the MINI Countryman plug-in hybrid are lithium-ion batteries which, in contrast to conventional nickel, lead or cadmium batteries, have been optimised for use in motor vehicles. Within the scope of the BMW Group Battery Certificate, your MINI dealership guarantees to rectify any defect in the high-voltage battery for the first 100,000 km or up to a maximum of 6 years after delivery of the new vehicle (the first criterion fulfilled applies). You can find out about details of the service entitlements of the BMW Group Battery Certificate from your MINI dealership.


    Does the high-voltage battery restrict the boot space?

    The MINI Countryman plug-in hybrid vehicle only have slight restrictions in the volume of luggage space compared with conventional MINI models. With regard to loading comfort, intelligent solutions have been developed that firstly ensure an almost flat loading platform and secondly provide the necessary depth for transporting bulky objects. Furthermore, the through-loading system, provided with the 40:20:40 split of the backrest, is also available for the MINI Countryman plug-in hybrid.


    What should I be aware of if my MINI Countryman plug-in hybrid vehicle is parked for a lengthy period of time?

    Parking for a lengthy period of time (e.g. for several weeks) is of course possible, but the charge level of the high-voltage battery may decrease if the vehicle is not moved for a substantial period. It is therefore advisable to park the vehicle with an almost fully charged battery or to connect the vehicle with a suitable charging station during lengthy stationary phases as this will then automatically recharge the high-voltage battery if necessary.

    Please also take note of the advice relating to lengthy stationary phases in the operating instructions provided with the vehicle.


    How often can and must I recharge my MINI Countryman plug-in hybrid vehicle?

    If possible, you should charge your MINI Countryman plug-in hybrid vehicle whenever the opportunity arises – be it at home or on the move. This means that you can always take advantage of the maximum possible electric range and thus minimise fuel consumption.


    Do I need a different charging cable when abroad?

    The standard charging cable contained in the vehicle has the household plug typical for its specific country. Cables suitable for different socket types across Europe are available as accessories.